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Traveling/Fun Activities with your Jack Russell Terrier

Because our philosophy has always been "no dog left behind", we encourage you to include your four legged family member in all of your vacation and travel plans.  One of the best qualities of a small dog like our terriers, is they can easily travel with you by car or airplane.

Our friends Cindy and Rick and their CJRT Buckley recently took a trip to Florida and they were kind enough to pass along the following tips for planning a trip on an airplane with your dog.

•Check the different airlines – they charge varying amounts for the dog to travel. For JetBlue, it’s $100 each way.
•The dog must be in an airline approved travel bag. I got the Sherpa medium. Some people like the ones with wheels. However, wheels raise the bag up and don’t allow as much room under the seat.
•I recommend calling the airline directly when booking a flight for yourself and your dog.  When you book on-line there really is no way to reserve a spot for the dog so you are better off talking to an airline representative directly.
•I would recommend getting a nonstop flight. (A 3-hour flight means 4 ½ to 5 ½ hours in the bag – more if there are delays)
•Call the airline as soon as possible after ordering your ticket to schedule your dog on the flight. There are usually only about 2 to 4 dogs allowed per flight.
•Check with the airline about its rules – some may require verification of the dog’s health or vaccinations. JetBlue does not.
• Also, find out what airplane you be flying on – some have lots of leg room, some don’t.
•Exercise the dog the day before the flight so he is happy to curl up and sleep.
•If you are at all concerned about weight – the dog and bag together cannot exceed 20 pounds – you can cut back on the dog’s food (but not water) the day before you fly.
•I bought the seat upgrade at JetBlue - $25 each way for more leg room. Glad I did.
•The dog must be in the bag from the moment you arrive at the airport. The only time you take him out of the bag is when you go through security. The dog has to be carried when you walk through the screening door. (The dog can’t touch the ground!!)
•Even if your dog normally goes into the bag very well, you’ll probably find it more difficult to get him back in the bag in the busy airport setting. Take a little canned dog food with you – it works well at getting him motivated to go back into the bag.
•I recommend not opening the bag to give him treats. Talk to other people so he can hear your voice, but I think it’s best to leave him quiet.
•You must go to the airline desk to check the dog in – even if you are not checking baggage, you must go to the desk. They may or may not weigh the dog on the baggage scale. (JetBlue did not.)
•Some but not all airports have designated places for dogs to go outside and pee – but when you do that, you then have to go through security again. Logan Airport (Boston) has one. The website for each airport will tell you if they have one.
•I traveled with the dog in a bag, and a backpack – it worked very well.
•When I walked onto the airplane, I told the flight attendant that I was carrying a dog – each airplane has a specific number of dogs allowed on the flight.
•Take some dog food and a little bowl with you – he will need water (and to pee!) as soon as it’s possible – it’s easier if you already have it with you.
•He’ll probably be a bit dazed when you first take him out of the bag!!
•Then if you are in Florida, go find one of those great doggie play parks and let him have a ball!!!
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Not to be confused with the taller Parson Jack Russell Terrier (12" to 16" tall) our shorter legged terriers are known by many names such as Irish Jack Russell Terrier,Shorty Jack Russell, English Jack Russell Terrier, Short Legged Jack Russell, Shorty Jack, Irish Jack or English Jack and stand on average 10" to 11" tall.
Irish Jack Russell Terrier Breeders | Irish Jack Russell Terrier Puppies for Sale | Irish Jack Russell Terriers
Terrier:  from the Anglo-French chien terrier - "earth dog"

There is an endless array of of fun activities for you and your terrier.  In addition to walking, hiking, playing ball or Frisbee, take a look at the following activities and search for a training facility or club in your area:

**Please be sure to check directly with your airline about their pets on board policy.
Have fun with your terrier!