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Polished Puppy™ / Temperament Testing

At around seven weeks of age, the puppies will be temperament tested using the Polished Puppy™ Program developed by Sheila of Connemara Terriers.  The Polished Puppy™ Program actually begins prior to the birth of the puppies with the prenatal health and wellness of the dam, through their birth and the first eight weeks in our home.  This continues after the puppies go to their new homes with the second phase, or Polished Puppy™ 2 (your part), of their socialization and puppy kindergarten.
If you have any questions about temperament testing that we have not been able to answer on this page, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Not to be confused with the taller Parson Jack Russell Terrier (12" to 16" tall) our shorter legged terriers are known by many names such as Irish Jack Russell Terrier,Shorty Jack Russell, English Jack Russell Terrier, Short Legged Jack Russell, Shorty Jack, Irish Jack or English Jack and stand on average 10" to 11" tall.
Irish Jack Russell Terrier Breeders | Irish Jack Russell Terrier Puppies for Sale | Irish Jack Russell Terriers

Developed by Connemara Terriers - PSDHP*

*(Puppy Socialization, Desensitization and Habituation Program)

The Polished Puppy Program ensures your puppy will have already gone through the following before they go home with you:

  • Neurological Stimulation
  • Tactile Stimulation & Conditioning
  • Olfactory & Visual Stimulation
  • Imprinting, Human Attachments & Bonding
  • Handling & Touch Conditioning/Desensitization
  • Environmental Enrichment
  • Learning interactive feeders and treat toys
  • Socialization
  • Vet visit / Outings
  • Habituation to Novel/Environmental/Passive Stimuli
  • Sound Conditioning & Desensitization
  • Mental & Physical Challenges
  • Grooming Conditioning/Desensitization
  • Separation Conditioning/Home Alone Training
  • Crate Training
  • House Training
  • Core Behaviors / Manners Training
  • Puppy Assessment & Evaluation
  • Puppy Placement
  • Follow-up and Support
Polished Puppy™ Assessment, Evaluation and Scoring

Our goal is to place each puppy based on their temperament and not their looks or markings.  We want to take the time to understand your lifestyle, level of activity and the personality traits you are looking for in a pup.  One family may be looking for a high energy agility dog and another family may be looking for a more laid back dog that prefers to curl up with his or her human. For the first seven weeks of their life we will spend a great deal of time observing and interacting with each puppy.

At roughly seven (7) weeks of age, we have enough information and observation time in that we are able to categorize them. First, we break the pups into three groups; Social, Extrovert and Introvert. We then assign them a level based upon their energy and enthusiasm. They are critiqued on:

How comfortable they are in a new environment
What their social responses are
How interested in playing they are
How interested in people they are
How biddable or independent they are
How easy they are to handle
If they have a tendency to guard food or high value objects
Desire to chase, retrieve or play with ball
Desire to follow humans
Noise sensitivity
Recovery time

The Social Puppy is very social and motivated by attention and interaction with people. This puppy values human attention above anything else. This pup is more interested in you than in toys or playing without you. This puppy is a companionable, little buddy. The social puppy enjoys being the center of attention, shines is social settings and makes new friends easily.

◆◆◆ S-1 = Confident and Outgoing -- This is an all-purpose pup ready to commit to his new family. He will find every family activity fun, interesting and enjoyable. But he will prefer human companionship over all else. This dog is ready, able and willing to be your constant sidekick. Loyal to the end. Life will never be boring with this little terrier.
◆◆◆ S-2 = Middle-of-the-road -- Fun-loving and always ready for a good time. His playfulness, love of all things chewable and general silliness will keep you and your friends entertained and laughing. When he becomes a bit too overwhelming, a redirection settles them down quickly.
◆◆◆ S-3 = Soft or slightly Insecure -- This pup is ready, able and willing but can be a bit unsure and shy at first. He will thrive in a home where his humans are patient, able to gain his trust and teach him new things. This pup is pretty low maintenance and will be just as happy sitting near you as taking a leisurely stroll around the block. This type of puppy can easily end up being a very devoted friend.

The Extrovert Puppy is predominantly concerned with and obtaining gratification from what is outside itself. This puppy is motivated by a variety of stimuli including human contact, food and has play and/or ball drive. They take pleasure in activities that involve people, other dogs, toys and treats! They find it less rewarding to spent a lot of time alone and can be more prone to boredom. But when bored, can usually invent a game all by themselves. Gregarious, approachable and unreserved. An extrovert puppy likes to be where the action is and can be “the life of the party”.

◆◆◆ E-1 = Confident and Outgoing -- Puppy oozes with excitement about life in general! Life is so full of things to play with like balls, toys, rocks, socks, pant legs, fingers and toes. This pup loves meeting new people and thinks life is all about having fun. This puppy will have a lot of energy and is certainly not for a couch potato. Play, play, play - the more the better. ...And with or without you!
◆◆◆ E-2 = Middle-of-the-road -- This pup is the total package. Teach her, praise her and she’ll guarantee to make you proud no matter where you take her. This dog is naturally curious, trusting and playful in nature. This little pup will enjoy a daily walk or play session and then be satisfied to curl up in your lap at night.
◆◆◆ E-3 = Soft or slightly Insecure -- This pup is also the total package, but with a bit less energy and confidence. Smart, willing to learn and eager to please. With a little patience, you can probably teach this pup anything. Very loyal and steady.

The Introvert Puppy can be a bit less engaging and is often motivated by stimuli that is not as easy to see or control. This pup is more predominantly concerned with and interested in itself. This type of puppy is often independent, and is not easily motivated by human contact, balls, toys or food. This pup will be fine with solitary time and activities. This type of puppy is probably not a great choice for families with small children, busy lifestyles outside the home or lots of loud or busy activity in the home. This puppy will do best in a home with a less active, mature couple who does not require a dog to be their “constant shadow”. These puppies as well come with different energy levels. They can be a wallflower, a lone-wolf or even sheepish. An introvert puppy is usually quiet around strangers, doesn't draw attention to themselves, may be independent and enjoys time alone. A dog with an independent personality is not overly interested in people. He will mature into a dog who is not demonstrably affectionate. These dogs are less likely to be despondent if left home alone.

◆◆◆ I-1 = Confident -- This pup will have a little bit of ambition. Intelligent, independent, cleaver and confident. They like to set their own rules but can be persuaded. This puppy will enjoy hard working, confident, somewhat busy humans. Sometimes he will prefer to do his own thing... and perhaps to your frustration. This terrier will view you more as an equal, and be an independent thinker more than just blindly follow his humans.
◆◆◆ I-2 = Middle-of-the-road -- This pup may view the world as a big and scary place especially if they are not socialized and taught basic core training. With the right training, this pup can easily learn his way around. This pup may appear a little shy but really just needs someone to help them come out of their shell. Charming and sweet they blossom with patience and understanding. Until they are familiar with a new place, they will be more comfortable close to you... or maybe just a little behind you.
◆◆◆ I-3 = Soft or slightly Insecure -- Easy-going, relaxed pup who will prefer a laid-back human and a low stress relationship. It will help if you are positive, patient and enjoy short, leisurely games of fetch followed by a quick snack and two-hour nap, and be willing to explore the joys of simply relaxing together. If you like “the easy life”, this pup may be a perfect match for you. Naps in the middle of the day and curling up on laps is always a plus with this pup.

Confident and Outgoing puppies readily accept human leadership that is firm and consistent. This dog responds best to an owner who is determined and decisive. This dog is friendly and sociable. He will be well adjusted if he receives regular training and exercise. Outgoing dogs have a flexible temperament that adapts well to different types of environments provided they are handled correctly. They are excellent family pets in the right type of household.

Middle-of-the-road dogs are easy to handle and cooperative. Their submissive nature will have them continually looking to his people for leadership. This pup is easy to train, reliable with children, and though he may lack a little self confidence, he makes a high quality family pet. This dog is a little less extroverted than an outgoing pup but his demeanor is gentle and affectionate.

The Soft or Insecure dog is submissive and/or lacks confidence. He bonds very closely with his owner and requires regular companionship and encouragement to bring him out of his shell. If handled incorrectly the insecure dog can grow up shy and fearful. This pup does best in a predictable structured lifestyle with owners who are patient and not overly demanding.

* Information on this page reprinted with the permission of Connemara Terriers