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Irish Jack Russell Terrier Breeders | Irish Jack Russell Terrier Puppies for Sale | Irish Jack Russell Terriers
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This page was last updated: March 16, 2021
Placing a Reservation for a Jack Russell Terrier Puppy

Please note:  WE ARE NOT TAKING RESERVATIONS AT THIS TIME.  Prior to proceeding with the reservation process, please make sure you have read over our website so you have a basic understanding about us, our terriers and our breeding philosophy.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

In order to better understand exactly what you are looking for in a puppy, we ask that you complete and submit the reservation questionnaire below.  Once we receive your completed questionnaire, I will give you a call so we can talk and hopefully get you on the reservation list very soon.  If at the end of this process you feel that a Jack Russell Terrier does not fit your lifestyle or we are not the breeder for you, we will be happy to refer you to another qualified breeder.

Pricing Structure:   The cost of our Jack Russell Terrier puppies is $2,400 regardless of sex or coat.  Each puppy comes with a three year health guarantee, a 10 day healthy puppy guarantee and each pup will be microchipped and wormed 4 times prior to being placed in your home.  You will also receive a new puppy kit which includes a wealth of information and some initial supplies to get you off to a good start with your new puppy.  We require a $400 deposit to secure a spot on our reservation list.




1.  Are you aware that we do NOT dock tails and remove dew claws and we will make no exceptions to this policy for anyone?  

2.  Are you willing to sign a SPAY/NEUTER contract and be willing to forward a copy of the Veterinarian signed Spay/Neuter Certificate to us after your dog has been spayed or neutered?

3.  Have you ever owned a Jack Russell Terrier before?   If not, please explain why you have chosen this breed.

4.  Do you currently own any other pets?                              If so, please list all of the pets living in your household.

5.  Please list the children in your household and their ages.

6.  Does anyone in your household have an allergy to dogs or cats?

7.  Are you aware that these dogs have fur and that they do shed?

8.  Please explain what characteristics/qualities you are looking for in a puppy/dog.

9.  What kind of fun activities are you planning to do with your new puppy?   

10.  Are you willing to crate train your puppy?                         If not, please explain.

11.  Do you understand the importance of early socialization and are you willing to enroll your puppy in puppy kindergarten by 12 weeks of age?  

12.  Do you understand what positive, reward based training is?  Please explain.

13.  Do you prefer a male or female or do you have no preference?

14.  Does coat type and markings matter to you?                         Please explain.

15.  How many hours during the day will the pup be left alone while you are at work?

16.  Do you have a fenced yard?                        If not, please explain how you will keep the pup safe.

17.  How do you feel about dogs that dig, chew, jump and bark?

18.  Please explain your reaction if your new puppy has an accident on your carpet and chews your favorite shoe?

19.  Are you aware that all dogs require daily exercise?  

20.  Because our terriers are smart, loyal, engaging and playful, are you ready for a constant shadow and companion?

21.  If you decide to place a reservation for one of our puppies, how will we get your puppy to you? 

22.  Please use this space for any additional comments you may have.

Thank you for taking the time to complete our reservation form, we look forward to talking with you soon about out puppies!

Please click "submit" to send your responses or "reset" to clear the form and start again.

Reservation Questionnaire
Placing a Deposit

After we have talked and if you are ready to place a deposit, please download the attached deposit document which explains the process in detail.  You will be required to sign the deposit form and mail it to us with your check.  Once we receive your check and signed form, you will be placed on the puppy reservation list.
No Preference
Pick up at our home
Ship puppy to you with the airlines
Puppy travels to you with our personal courier service