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Jack Russell Terrier Questions and Resources

The decision to add a puppy or full grown terrier to your family should not be taken lightly.  It is a big commitment as this little pup is going to be with you for many years to come.  Your terrier will need you to provide food, water, shelter, veterinary care, love, attention, exercise, training and companionship. Before making the decision to add any pet to your family, I simply ask that you think long and hard about the responsibility.  I have put together a list of frequently asked questions and various books and resources that may help prepare you for this decision and the impending arrival of your new puppy.  I can tell you, however, that a house is not a home without a dog!

1.  Are they hyper?  If you only knew how many times a perfect stranger has come up to me and asked if my Jack Russell was “crazy”.  Personally, I cannot imagine ever walking up to someone and making a derogatory comment about the breed of dog they have chosen but that is a whole different discussion.  Our dogs are bred for health and temperament first and foremost and do not have the hyper-active temperaments of dogs bred by puppy mills and irresponsible breeders.  All dogs require regular exercise, both mental and physical.   If you do not have room in your life to devote a half an hour of exercise for your dog at least twice a day, then perhaps this is not the right time in your life to add a pet.

2.  What coat types do they have?  Our terriers come in three different coat lengths, SMOOTH (like D’Arcy). BROKEN (like Fionnlagh and Keeva) and ROUGH (like Maddie).  Two smooth coats will only produce smooth coated pups.

3.  Do they shed?  Our dogs do shed and the amounts depend on their coat type.  I find that the smooth coated dogs shed the most, followed by broken and then rough the least.  Obviously the reverse is true when it comes to caring for each coat type.  The rough coats require more grooming and care because of the tendency to tangle and attract dirt.

4.  How big do they get? Clearly longer than tall, generally our terriers will range in height from 10 to 12 inches at the shoulder with a back length ranging from 11 to 13 inches.  Their weight can vary from as low
as 10 pounds to as high as 20.  Most common is a weight range between 12 and 16 pounds.

5.  Male or Female?  The decision on a male or female puppy may be an easy question for some people as they naturally prefer one over the other.  In my experience and observation over the years, I find that the males tend to be a bit needier (kind of like a momma’s boy) whereas the females tend to be more independent and self assured.  This doesn’t mean that the males can’t be independent or that the females don’t need you and want to cuddle with you.  For example, my females are perfectly happy sunning themselves in the yard with little regard for our whereabouts whereas our male is perfectly happy sunning himself, as long as we are in the yard with him!

6.  Is a fenced yard required? To fence or not to fence, that is the question!  If you live in a house with an unfenced yard, there are some things you should think about before deciding that a Jack Russell Terrier is the dog for you.  While it is true that all dogs can be trained to stay in your yard, terriers naturally have a higher prey drive than other breeds.  Their desire to chase a chipmunk out of your yard and across the street is likely to outweigh his desire to listen to your command to stay.  If you have a lot of acreage and live on a quiet road this may be ok but in a more urban area with busy streets around you may want to think about fencing.  Our first recommendation is stockade or chain link fence.  Keeping in mind that our terriers also love to dig, when we had our chain link fence installed, we had it buried about six inches under ground.  While we understand that this is too costly an option for a lot of people, our next recommendation is an invisible fence of which there is a permanent type (where the wires are buried underground) and a wireless type.  In either case, the dog needs to wear a transmitter on his collar that lets him know he is approaching his boundary.  This is a great option but keep in mind that it does not prevent predators from entering your yard.  We do not recommend runs or tie-outs as they are very dangerous for the dog.  No matter what you decide, dogs and puppies should never be left outside unattended.  Because we want our families to be responsible for the safety of our puppies, we highly recommend some type of fencing.

7.  Are they good with other pets and children? The calm temperaments of our Jack Russell Terriers make them a great addition to a family with other pets and children.  As part of our breeding philosophy, all puppies will have been handled by small children and exposed to other pets, people and sounds before being placed in your home.  In all cases, small children should never be left alone with any animal, for the safety of both the child and the pet.
Not to be confused with the taller Parson Jack Russell Terrier (12" to 16" tall) our shorter legged terriers are known by many names such as Irish Jack Russell Terrier,Shorty Jack Russell, English Jack Russell Terrier, Short Legged Jack Russell, Shorty Jack, Irish Jack or English Jack and stand on average 10" to 11" tall.
8.  Can I have one with a brown spot over its right eye?  If you simply must have a certain look, color and coat type in your puppy then perhaps we are not the right breeders for you.  We match our puppies to their families based on temperament and the right fit to the overall situation.  If you let us help you to pick the right puppy for you in this manner, you will not be disappointed.  Let’s face it, all puppies are adorable!  When comparing them to their littermates, it is easy to get caught up in who is cuter based on looks but once you get that puppy home, you will soon see through the looks and you’ll quickly forget what his/her littermates looked like.

9.  Is there a guarantee?  We offer a very comprehensive guarantee as well as a three year health guarantee.  Please see the guarantee section of our website for more information.

10.  What are the costs involved?  The price of our puppies are $2,000.  Please be mindful of all the costs involved in owning a puppy/dog such as food and supplies, vet visits, training and the cost to spay/neuter your puppy.
If you have any questions that we have not been able to answer on this page, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Jack Russell Terrier Resources/Reading List

Displayed below are books that I highly recommend by some my favorite authors.  While I am not suggesting that you read every book, I have starred the ones that should be read by every potential puppy owner.  Please note that we believe in positive, reward based training only and we do NOT follow the methods of Cesar Milan.  This list will change frequently as I am constantly educating myself.
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