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KYLEMORE Jack Russell Terriers
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Irish Jack Russell Terrier Breeders | Irish Jack Russell Terrier Puppies for Sale | Irish Jack Russell Terriers
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About Us

My husband Tom and I live with our Jack Russell Terriers in a small, central Massachusetts town 30 miles west of Boston.  Both of us were born and raised in Massachusetts and we have settled not far from the towns where we both grew up.  Our main interests include doing anything and everything with our dogs (of course!) but we also enjoy mountain biking, hiking, antique cars, spending time with family and getting together with our friends and their Connemara Jack Russell Terriers.
In 2003, Tom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  While this diagnosis was devastating and shocking to us both, we have only let it change us for the better.  As a result, we have become very involved with the Greater New England Chapter of the National MS Society, participating in numerous walking and cycling events as well as volunteering and fundraising. A portion of the proceeds from each litter produced by Kylemore Terriers will be donated to the National MS Society. Please visit Baldi's MS Busters to learn more about our on-going efforts to end the devastating effects of Multiple Sclerosis.
My love for this style of Jack Russell Terrier began when I was growing up with my family.  My parents were searching for a breed of dog that was small, loyal and good with other pets and children.  We were raised with horses so these little terriers were a familiar site at many of the barns around town.  The decision was made and “Corky” became part of the family.  She was a dog like no other; smart, funny, active and dedicated to her family.  She loved to play fetch with a tennis ball and would constantly drop the ball at your feet to throw it for her.  She lived a good long life, raised a litter of her own and saw each of her “kids” grow up, head off to college and back home again.  I knew that when the time was right, I would go searching for a Jack Russell Terrier just like Corky.
One of our favorite past times is hiking in the woods with our friends and all of our Terriers!
My search for Jack Russell breeders began in February of 2005 after our 15 year old cat “Kitty” was diagnosed with kidney failure with a three to six month life expectancy.  My husband and I had previously decided that it was not fair to bring a puppy into our lives when Kitty had been queen of the household for so many years.  I also knew that out of grief from the loss of our cat, there was a good chance we would go out and buy the first JRT puppy we came across without doing the proper due diligence.  I had been around Jack Russell Terriers long enough to know of the issues that can come along with badly bred JRT’s and that there were many un-reputable breeders out there.

As soon as I found the Connemara Terrier website, I knew I had stumbled upon something truly unique and they were not “typical” breeders.  It took me days to pour over page after page of information on the website.  Sheila’s dedication to breeding family pets while putting health and temperament first and foremost is what made Connemara Terriers the breeder for us so we placed a deposit on a litter that was planned for March of 2006.  We spent the next few months focusing on Kitty and making her as comfortable as possible.  We lost Kitty in May of 2005 and we still miss her to this day.

A few weeks later, Sheila posted that she had a puppy become available on a current litter at the last minute, I asked Tom if he wanted to take this puppy instead of waiting until March and he agreed!  The rest, as they say, is history.  We feel so very fortunate to have been chosen to help preserve, protect and raise this special line of terrier for future generations to enjoy.
Diligence Corky - Whelped March 31, 1981