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Welcome to Kylemore Terriers

Here at Kylemore we are dedicated to preserving and protecting the Connemara line of Jack Russell Terrier.  Please enjoy all the pictures and information contained on our website.  Our hope is that by the time you finish looking at each page and learning more about these special little terriers, you will be just as smitten by them as we are!

**NOTE:  We are not breeding at this time.  Please contact Connemara Terriers if you are looking for a puppy.  Thank you.

What is the Connemara Jack Russell Terrier?

The Connemara Jack Russell Terrier is a distinctive line of terrier whose pure lineage can be dated back to the late 1800's in Ireland.  They are known for their health, vigor and calm and manageable temperaments.  Their DNA has been mapped by a group of geneticist and the results prove that they are clearly different, displaying the characteristics of almost a unique breed altogether.  Clearly longer than tall, they stand on average 10" tall and come in three coats; smooth, broken and rough.
A Jack by any other name...

Not to be confused with the taller Parson Jack Russell Terrier (12" to 16" tall) our shorter legged terriers are known by many names such as Irish Jack Russell Terrier,
Shorty Jack RussellEnglish Jack Russell TerrierShort Legged Jack RussellShorty JackIrish Jack or English Jack and stand on average 10" to 11" tall.
Who are we and why are we different?  

We are family/hobby breeders and we only raise one litter per year.  We are not a puppy mill or a back yard breeder.  Our terriers are family pets and we did not take the decision to breed lightly, but rather as a very important responsibility.  We are different because our litters are raised in the heart of the home right with our family and other pets.  Our dogs have been cleared/screened for patellar luxation, heart, thyroid, complete blood panel, PLL (Primary Lens Luxation), BAER (hearing test) and CERF (eye test).  All puppies come with a comprehensive guarantee and will be socialized and temperament tested to best match each puppy to their potential family.
The costs associated with owning a dog

Dog ownership = responsibility.  
While it is true that the prospect of bringing a puppy into your home is a very exciting one, the initial cost of the puppy is not the only thing you have to consider.  Your new puppy will be a member of your family for 15 to 18 years so it is important to weigh many factors as you consider the price, including how your puppy is whelped and reared during their first eight weeks of life.  In addition to the initial cost of your new puppy, you will need to supply proper food, supplies, care, exercise, training and lifelong health care needs.  Once you have evaluated these costs and feel you are able to accept the responsibilities of dog ownership, it is the time to search for a responsible breeder.  If you have made your way to our website because you already know that a Jack Russell Terrier is the dog for you and your family, we hope that your search will end here with us or with one of the other Connemara Terrier Society certified and registered breeders.  

The goal of our website is to provide you with enough information to answer any questions you may have about our terriers.  After you take the time to explore our website in depth, please feel free to contact us at any time as  we look forward to talking with you in person if you have any additional questions.
Understanding the time and dedication it takes to raise a litter

A healthy litter starts with a healthy and well adjusted dam.  Long before a breeding takes place, at least two years of love and dedication goes into raising the mom.  Because they are our pets first and foremost, each dog goes through extensive health testing and evaluation prior to considering them for breeding.  As soon as the puppies arrive until the day they go home to their new families, we work around the clock to care for the health and well being of the mom and each one of her pups. Starting with early stimulation and socialization (called the Bio-Sensor Method) we also handle the puppies often, cut their nails, expose them to the sights and sounds of a normal family and ensure they are clean and dry by changing their bedding and cleaning their puppy pen multiple times throughout the day. As puppies are weaned, we introduce them to their first solid meal of a high quality kibble soaked in goat’s milk.  Once they become more mobile, we introduce them to different surfaces, toys and environments, including outdoors if weather permits, and we start to potty train them using a puppy litter box.
Our puppies are raised right in front of your eyes

From the day your puppy is born until the day he goes home, you will be able to watch watch your puppy grow and mature right in front of your eyes with our Internet web cam.  Each family will receive a link and password to our web cam which is up and running twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Imagine being able to watch your puppy nurse when he is only one day old, or eat his first meal when he is four weeks old.  You will not miss any of the important milestones that your puppy will achieve during his first eight weeks with us.  By the time you are ready to pick your puppy, you will already know the personalities of all the puppies in the litter!
Ask the right questions

We encourage you to do extensive research on any perspective breeder you may be considering.  Don't be afraid to ask detailed questions about their breeding program and how they raise their dogs and puppies.  We hope that we have answered many of your questions right here on our home page and we invite you to browse the rest of our website for more in depth information about our Jack Russell Terrier Puppies or contact us anytime on our cell phone at 617-899-9738 or e-mail us at
Irish Jack Russell Terrier Breeders | Irish Jack Russell Terrier Puppies for Sale | Irish Jack Russell Terriers
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